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Planet Word


Rachel Carson Middle School’s 7th grade is looking for financial support of their class field trip to the Planet Word Museum in Washington DC! As the only interactive, language lead museum in the world, Planet Word stands by their mantra: “Words Matter”. With Carson being home to 57 different languages, and over half of our students identified as multilingual, the chance for our students to see their language and the languages of others reflected in an interactive exhibit is invaluable! While on the trip, students will be tasked with connecting skills from their English classes, as well as, Fairfax County’s Portrait of a Graduate skills, with the many interactive exhibits in the museum! After returning to school, students will reflect individually and with their group on the question, “Why do words matter?” It is our hope, as a 7th grade, that students walk away from the experience with a passion and a recognition for the value of language in our all our lives!


When is the 7th grade field trip? 

PW Spring.PNG

The Field Trip will be in the Spring of 2023.  More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

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Is it during the school day and open to all 7th graders? 

Planet Word Reading.PNG

This is open to all 7th graders and will be during the school day.

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Is this a school event? 

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This is a school event and support is being provided by the PTA.  PTA supports in-school activities such as field trips.  By separating the field trip it allows donors an option to have their funds feed directly into a singular initiative that is important to them.

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Why is the PTA asking for donations for a field trip, aren’t those usually school activities and parents pay a small fee?


Yes, there is a small fee but to prevent that fee from being much larger we are asking for donations.  We are trying to look outside such as corporations but are accepting donations from all.  Our goal is to make sure that no student is priced out or excluded from this exciting opportunity.

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