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May 1 - 5, 2023

Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week

We would LOVE to honor as many teachers and staff members as we can.  We encourage our parents/guardians and students to send Thank You notes, Gift Cards, and anything to thank and appreciate the teacher. The more that is collected, the more staff we can honor.  Creativeness is encouraged!  Please have your student write a note and sign a card for one or more of their teachers. 

Students Thank You, too!

There are several ways students can help!  But if they need help helping, we're here!   

Teacher Appreciation Cards Still AVAILABLE at Lunch

Students can now have more than one!


Please have your student stop by and sign these Thank a Teacher cards!


Thank YOU

Thank you for helping to show our teachers and staff at Rachel Carson Middle School how much we appreciate them.  

Thank YOU

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