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WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to make it a safe and fun experience for our students and families attending the basketball games at Westfields HS this spring.

Basketball Spirit Wear

Order your Rachel Carson Spirit Wear Here for the Basketball game.  Pre-order through March 16 while supplies last.  Delivery will be at lunch for student pick-up on. Students can also purchase items at lunch with Cash or Check (made out to RCMS PTA).

Firm dates 3/7, 3/9 (Dates will be arranged based on orders)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are the basketball games?

    • March 14, 2024, vs Langston Hughes Panthers, at South Lake High School.

  2. What is the last day to order?

    • There is limited supply so the cutoff date is before the last delivery date of March 14 or while supplies last. March 15 would be last day to order if we have stock. With that being said, if there is still supply and people want to order, we could provide the items at the last game. 

  3. Which items will be delivered before the first basketball game?

    • The items are on order and when they arrive with the RCMS PTA will indicate as such with [In stock now] notation on this page or with [Anticipated in stock <date>]. We expect the items to come in on 3/6 or earlier.  If there is a need to do a reorder, those new arrival dates will be posted .

  4. Can students purchase in the school?​

    • Yes!  We will take check (made out to RCMS PTA) or cash on the lunch dates 3/7 & 3/9 (and tentatively 3/14 and 3/16).​

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