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Cookie Dough FAQs

How do I submit the cookie dough orders?

Please fill ONLY one type of form for each item. For example, if Jane Smith ordered, one order of Chocolate Chip cookies you may either use the paper order form for Jane's order or the online order form. Online ordering is highly encouraged to reduce time and accuracy errors on paper order forms.  Duplicate orders could result in delays.

Online Forms 

What if some of my orders are online and others are on paper? Will I receive credit for both?

Yes, we will match the student's name to both paper and electronic orders.


What is the deadline for submitting cookie dough orders?

The deadline to receive all online cookie dough orders is November 11, 2022.

When is my paper order form due? 

Please turn in your paper form no later than 11/14.  You may use the drop box in the main office.  If you are absent from school or have any issues, please contact us at

Where do I drop off my paper copy?

There is a drop box in the main office for hard copies.  We will also have volunteers at school during the final days to assist with collection.  More details to follow...


What is the incentive to order cookie dough from RCMS Fundraiser?

Student cash rewards where the top 10 students that raise the most cash for cookie dough orders are celebrated.  Click Here for Prize List


How does my order help RCMS?

THIS is our biggest and most important fundraiser which supports Technology and Instructional Projects throughout the school. 


When will I receive my cookie dough orders?

You will receive your order before we break for the holiday in December.  We will update 

you shortly after the campaign closes.

What if I have a question about my order?

We’re happy to help our RCMS customers. Contact us at:

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